In the third part of this miniseries, we will discuss how to clean the glass and the exterior.

In order to clean the glasscleaner and the bricks, use a hearth cleaner.  Using such a cleaner, apply onto the surface to be cleaned. Wait a while. Then use a DAMP cloth and wipe it. If you don’t wish to use a damp cloth, then rinse the surface with water. Sometimes, the stains are really hard to wash off, but they do come off eventually. Use a nylon brush, and then scrub it some more.

If it is a painted or wood surface, dilute this cleaner with water so as not to damage your fireplace.

This may be used on the glass and the exterior of the fireplace.  It doesn’t always come in a spray bottle either; sometimes, it comes in just a bottle and you have to pour it on the surface.

Make sure your gasket is in place.  Gasket can come in the form of rope or cement.  It’s placed on the inside of doors to make sure that smoke doesn’t escape.  You only need to replace it once you notice the rope is falling off or the cement is wearing away, so that’s about once every four years.  Check, but this is not an annual thing to replace.