Thank you for taking the time to read Top Notch Energy’s new blog, catered to educate our clients on new products, services, and how to guides to make your fireplace project smooth and seamless.

In this mini-series of helpful hints and tips for your next fireplace project, we will take a look at the best way to prep your wood fireplace for the cold winter months when you need the heat the most. Paying attention to the fireplace now means that it will be ready to use when the cold weather bursts onto the scene.

There are five main steps to prepping your wood burning fireplace for the upcoming season, which I will briefly list here, and address each step in a separate article over the next couple days. First step, and before any self prep can begin, is to call a professional and have the chimney swept and cleared  of any debris which could be fire or health hazard. Once the chimney is cleared the next steps should be tackled in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Clean ash and firebox

Step 2: Scrub the interior

Step 3: Clean the glass and exterior

Step 4: Polish stone

Step 5: Clean and shine tools

Thank you for reading and check back soon for the continuation this mini series of how to articles.