Getting your fireplace prepped and ready for the winter season can be the difference between the $250 a month pge bill and having a cozy warm fire to rest around with your loved ones.  In this short article we’ll look at step one of the process, cleaning the ash and debris from the firebox.

The fastest and easiest way to clean out your fireplace is by using a square tip garden shovel which has the capacity to hold large quantities of ash and wood chips. What can’t be picked up with the shovel can be cleaned with a vacuum or dust buster. Don’t use your good one though, ash can be disaster to vacuum filters. While most people discard their fireplace ash into large garbage bag, a reusable cardboard is also an eco-friendly way to store your ash too. Once the box or bag is full it can be dumped in the compost or garbage can.

Check back soon for the next step in the fireplace preparation process, scrubbing the interior, and make sure you’re ready for the next winter chill.

Beware of creosote.  Creosote is the byproduct of burning wood.  Too much creosote may create chimney fires, and burn down your house, so it is important to get rid of it. In order to get rid of creosote, use anti-creosote logs. These special type of logs are placed into the fireplace and burned as usual, but they get rid of the creosote, and clean your chimney.

Check out the video below for some good visual instruction from our friends at e-how: